Oscar Funes' Blog


January 04, 2017

me 300x300 Hello there! My name is Oscar, and I’m enamored with distributed systems. I’m a software engineer, who’s always on the look to learn new technologies, patterns, architectures and continually improving my skills. I began programming some years ago when I was in high school. After graduating from high school, I got hooked and chose a degree in Informatics and Systems Engineering. I’m passionate about the Software Engineering discipline, always reading about it, and trying to improve my communication skills and be helpful and empathetic with peers and users. Lately, I’ve been interested in Computer Science, especially with category theory, type theory, and functional programming languages. You can look for me on Twitter and GitHub. I’m always happy to meet new people! My current 9-5 includes a mix of Javascript, Node.js, Java, and Spring. Building RESTful microservices, working with ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL with architecture sprinkled throughout the mix!

I love distributed systems, software architecture, emotional intelligence and how they intersect.