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That photograph in you

We’ve all have grabbed our phones and took a pictures of a beautiful landscape, sunset, moon, selfie or a group of friends. I’ve always had a weird relationship with photography. I have a camera most people would consider “pro-like”, and I do enjoy taking photos. But for the most time, I’ve only been able to take pictures of landscapes, street architecture and some times from persons. I have deep admiration for those folks able to take pictures of strangers on the street. I have the hardest time even taking photos from my family. I get anxious quickly and take a photo in automatic mode. I always carry my camera with me, but rarely take pictures. I feel guilty most of the time because of this. And simply fallback to taking picture with my phone. DSCF0125.jpg After buying a new camera, I’ve felt something different but not from buying the camera but from encouragement from my girlfriend. And I have started to take out my camera a bit more (I’m not expecting a night/day change), feeling less anxious. Overall feeling a more positive experience from taking my camera out. I think it comes out from teaching my girlfriend of my thought process when taking a photograph. I do enjoy photography a lot, I find it relaxing and compelling. Here’s to finding a better rhythm of the pictures in me during 2017. DSCF0850.jpg