Oscar Funes

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Be Diligent

dil·i·gent /ˈdiləjənt/ - adjective: having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties.

Be hard working, be present at work but not just to finish your assigned tasks or attending meetings. Arrive and leave on time, always give your best effort. You’ll always get great rewards. But not just be working over time for the sake of people noticing, or burning yourself out slowly to an avalanche of unfinished tasks that you accept just because. Understand that work has to be done by putting your best effort towards making it better than last time, with attention to detail, with love and care. Work is a group effort and as such help as much as you can. Ask for help, that’s never a bad thing. Strive to be better, read more, understand more, ask and learn more from people that are better than you, expect and demand more from the people that are with you and try to help in every step of the way. In order to stay committed to your current project or goals not only at work but in life, you need to be diligent. Don’t sit waiting for something to happen to you, the only thing that will happen will be life and probably too late to do something. I’ve always work for passion for what I do, for learning new things and having bigger challenges. I never new, until recently that the word for that was ‘diligence’. I’ve had the luck to be working with people with the same amount (or more) diligence. Working hard has enabled me to do more things outside of work, finding other passions and understanding that nothing comes easily, only after hard work. Don’t wait for life to happen, work for what you want. Hoping that working hard will make this a better year than last year.